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A High Definition 4mm lens for 1/3" 3-CCD / 3-CMOS cameras such as the Toshiba IK-HD1, IK-HD3, IK-HD5 and IK-4K cameras.  
Superior resolution of 300 lp/mm Zone 1 (centre) to 200 lp/mm into Zone 3 (corners).
This is 3-4 times the resolution of the old TF4DA-8 lens.

Stunning performance from a lens only 33 x 45mm.

Data sheet FUJINON TF4XA-1

WAT-240E /FS

The new WAT-240E /FS camera (former model WAT-240VIVID) is now with ability for manual adjustements of several functions. A special programming tool as well as a PC is needed.


A new HD camera with HD-SDI output and a sensitivity of 0,1 lx at F=1,2

Data sheet

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